Appendix V:

Questions That I have asked Eddie Wilson, Media

Representative for First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.

Wilson has failed to answer all of these questions in

e-mail exchanges between April 12, 2011 and June 6, 2011


Do you see a pattern of cover-up similar to the church’s cover-up of Deacon AV. Balleneger’s child molestation? ("I was not there and I could not speak for past leadership.")

Where is the Matthew 18 protocol at FBC?

Do you really want your own children to grow up claiming the FBC national legacy?

Do you perhaps intend to keep them inside the circle of wagons?

I remember the Clinton apologists given the job as press secretaries to go out into front lawn of the White House and draw smiley faces on every pile of dog poo (figuratively speaking) and tell us that it was art. Will your personal integrity or personal holiness let you sink to that level, Eddie?

Would you like to meet some of the FBC victims whose lives have been decimated by the church’s abuse?

Does the person holding up the rug (Schaap) bear any less guilt than the person sweeping the scandals under it, Eddie?

Does it not trouble you that there is zero tolerance of dissent at F,B.C.? Is this what our Bible teaches? Is that not how cults operate?

Is your answer really nothing more than to say that a discussion on the applicable principles of confession, contrition, accountability or repentance are simply “unfruitful?”

The victims of the FBC abuse scandals are still leading tortuous and exceedingly unsettled lives. Does FBC really feel no accountability or responsibility to help them heal? I run across them all the time. My position is that they deserve better as precious children of God. Are you honestly going to tell me that Jesus would really say, “lets move on?”

Brent Stevens is dead, Sybil Marshall is Dead, Esther Combs is a basket case and will never trust God again, the Neubacher family imploded in 1985, and the Hurley family is a wreck. Is there a statute of limitations that will heal any of these people, Eddie? How much do they matter to God? Do they matter the same to Jack Schaap?

Do you know about the new Facebook IFB forum for the victims of IFB abuse? It is a very substantial group, and they are being heard. Do you & Jack Schaap just continue to pretend these people don't exist? Do they deserve to be heard? Are they owed a "we're sorry" perhaps? Would you like the link?

Does it not trouble you that there is zero tolerance of dissent at F.B.C.? Is this what our Bible teaches? Is that not how cults operate?

One of the big issues that has come my way from a number of folks after the 20/20 piece was Schaap ranting about how women in the church let themselves gain so much weight to the displeasure of their husbands, with KEITH MCKINNEY sitting right behind him al his glorious obesity of the last 40 years. Do you see any hypocrisy or misogyny here?

An early possibility for the book cover: Jack Schaap in simulated Masturbation preaching his sermon, “A Polished Shaft” at Youth Conference.

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