Quotes from the Book:

I knew that his power and authority were unchecked and that the men on the platform were little more than bobble head dolls.

Fear of rejection by "God's man"was the driving force that fostered complete obedience and unquestioned loyalty.

I can only shudder sometimes even weep at the effect this must have had on so many of the victims who were treated as criminals and selfish offenders who "raised their hands against God's anointed"and in so doing were accused of diminishing a movement that God had ordained for the salvation of a nation.

She confronted Jack Hyles' infamous son Dave Hyles about his serial adultery. Dave did not hesitate for a second and gave this answer to the inquiring woman: "GREAT MEN HAVE GREAT NEEDS!"

The men who were drawn to him did not want to hear of Jesus "meek and quiet spirit." They wanted thunderous denunciations of everything in their world that made them mad and left them feeling impotent.

It took me a long time to control the fizz in my pop bottle of idealism. Maybe that is because I allowed others to shake it for me three times a week for so many years. Maybe it was because the fizz tickled my pallet. In the end, the bottle went flat, the mold grew, and my stomach hurt.

YOU became the Holy Place and Jesus is the High Priest, NOT YOUR PASTOR!

Hyles was a devotional preacher. His messages were biblical only in a thematic sense. He never consistently put chunks of biblical meat on anyone's plate.

What Jack Hyles and Jack Schaap did was to tell us that they were entitled to executive privilege, and that required you to check your discernment, your biblical standards of righteousness and your common sense at the church house door.

That suspicion was that some of these college students believed that Jack Hyles would not remain in the grave.

Jesus did not put people on a tortuous and prolonged path of healing. He commanded them to "take up your bed and walk!"

Don't let their slime stick to you another day! They are not worth it, and whatever they have made you to feel, it is a complete lie compared to the grace, beauty and virtue that Jesus Christ has put in you!

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Profaned Pulpit
The Jack Schaap Story

Profaned Pulpit Cover

"When you have finished, you will lay this book down shaking your head and weeping." Dr. Robert Sumner

"It’s a ‘MUST READ’ book for many, but especially those of you who wear the label ‘I.F.B.’"  Voyle Glover, Atty.

"Closure and healing in the Lives of the Victims." TS - former Hyles bodyguard

"A Path to Healing." BW - church deacon, Texas

"Solid biblical truth." JI - Deacon Chairman, Illinois

"I am entranced by this powerful book." Mrs. GS, Texas

"Jerry Kaifetz was born to write." JF, Corporate C.E.O., Chicago

Jerry's Radio Interview

  Profaned Pulpit is the story of megachurch pastor Jack Schaap & his conviction for a sexual affair with a 16 year old girl. The book chronicles the legendary abuse of this Independent Fundamental Baptist Church near Chicago and its influence on the I.F.B. movement in America going back to the former pastor, the late Jack Hyles.

   This book is also a healing balm to the many victims of church abuse everywhere who have been devalued and betrayed by their church. The book is also the voice of warning to churches across the land to properly understand the biblical foundation of proper pastoral authority and to accept the Berean style responsibility of believer-priests to hold the leaders of their churches accountable to a sound biblical standard.

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